Healthier Deli Cheeses

Swiss Lace ™

Berner’s natural cheese business expanded dramatically in the 1980’s and 90’s, due in great part to the popularity of its reduced fat Swiss cheese. Developed for Alpine Lace Brands, Inc., this cheese – Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese™ eventually became the #1 Swiss cheese
in America.

Although Alpine Lace Brands was sold to another company in 1997, Berner maintained the ownership of the Swiss cheese recipe. In 2006, Berner decided to market our own products rather than selling them to other marketers. So this healthy, great-tasting, nutty-flavored, healthy cheese is only available from Berner Natural Cheese.

Berner Valley Swiss Lace™ is available in 2/6 lb loaves.

One key to the pleasing taste of Berner Valley™ Swiss Lace™ is that each loaf is made individually – unlike many other Swiss cheeses
that are made in huge blocks and then cut. Just as important, we age
the cheese in the bag, allowing it to develop a milder, sweeter,
nuttier flavor.

NEW! Berner Valley Reduced Fat American & Cheddar Cheeses

Berner Valley introduces two new great tasting American and Cheddar cheeses that are:

• 33% Lower in Fat!
• 33% Lower in Sodium!
• 33% Lower in Cholesterol!

These items melt great and offer a perfect alternative to make your meals healthier while not sacrificing on flavor!